Attractions & Activities

Side Show Alley & Show Rides

SA Show Rides will be bringing AWESOME rides, catering for all ages! Along with the ever popular side show alley to test your skills.

Pet section & Dog Show

We are bringing back the Pet section this year so be sure to enter your pet

Lifestyle Pavilion


Speed Shear

We are excited to be bringing back the speed shear this year. Tiffany has done an amazing job organising and getting this of the ground so make sure you plan on hanging around to see the action. Full event details on Sponsors page

Car Show & Ute Muster

Horses in Action (Sunday 15th November)

9am start time and entry in the day. Open, breed, harness and unofficial rings

Show Book

Show book is now available around local businesses in Bordertown or can be downloaded from the link on the RH side.


  • Section B: Art
  • Section C: Junior Art
  • Section D: Handcraft
  • Section E: Children’s Crafts
  • Section F: Cookery Senior
  • Section G: Cookery Junior
  • Section H: Jams & preserves
  • Section I: Horticulture
  • Section J: Photography
  • Section K: Fresh Produce
  • Section L: Paper Craft
  • Section M: Home Brew
  • Section N: Woodwork/Metalwork
  • Section O: Pets & Dog Show
  • Rules of the Show

Exhibitors Entry Form

Colouring In Competition